Apricot Kernel Cracking Machine

Apricot kernel cracking machine is used for shelling apricot kernel wigh different size wigh one machine.
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Apricot Kernel Cracking Machine

The 3 degree apricot kernel cracking machine is used for shelling apricot, pistachio, hasel, etc.

Working Principle:

The machine is composed of elevator and huller. By adjusting the gap of 3 step rollers can achieve completely hull one-time processing, the material no need to be grade in advance.


1. Apricot can be shelled once and does not need to be graded in advance.

2. Equipped with an elevator for easy feeding.

3. High shelling rate and low breakage rate.

4. Great output can greatly improve production efficiency.


1. The peeling rate is high and the fruit integrity rate is high. This machine has stable operation, low noise and no pollution, so it becomes the most ideal apricot shelling products.

3. Customized services can be provided according to customer needs. Design the best process for customers, save in real time, save effort, save cost and efficiently ship.

4. High degree of automation. Easy operation, stable performance and great durability.

5. This machine can also be used for small quantities.

Technical parameter:





Hulling Rate







• How long is the warranty period for the Apricot Kernel Cracking Machine?

- - One year.

• What is the delivery time of the apricot sheller?

--- Generally 15 working days, but if you have urgent need, you can advance.

• What is the payment terms for your apricot peeler?

----T/T,L/C,Western Union

•  What package do you use for industrial industrial almond shelling machine?

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