Why Do Frozen Meat Products Get Sour And Loose?

- Feb 20, 2021-

Why Do Frozen Meat Products Get Sour and Loose?

For low-temperature meat products, the biggest loss of freshness is characterized by corruption and desalination, which is directly manifested in surface water, acid. For low-temperature meat products surface water, sour, processing processing needs to pay more attention to sterilization technology and preservation technology synergy.

Out-of-water products will have surface acid water, may be processed when the hygiene control is not good or raw auxiliary materials initial bacteria higher, or after cooking pre-cooling is not sufficient, residual heat-free, heat-resistant bacteria break down fat and starchy substances caused. The solution is as follows:

The vacuum degree is controlled when the pickling is rolled and kneaded, which reduces the microbial pollution in the air. Taibo vacuum meat tumbling machine is suitable for frozen meat, fish, beef, mutton, etc. It can be used for marinating meat products. The vacuum level can be adjusted easily and the vacuum gauge can display the vacuum level clearly. Marinating under vacuum can reduce the marinating time and ensures food safety. Thoroughly disinfect the environment and prevent residual bacteria from secondary contamination of meat products.


Low-temperature meat products are rich in nutrition and affordable, and are the main source of high-quality protein. We should strengthen the application of daily environmental cleaning and dynamic disinfection technology to further improve the hygienic quality of low-temperature meat products.

Meat Picture Credit: https://pixabay.com/zh/photos/beef-braising-brisket-catering-1238480/