What Should I Pay Attention To When Using Meat Cutting Machine?

- Aug 17, 2018-

Kitchen meat cutter is designed for the modern kitchen life bone cutting and according to the traditional design of a product, mainly for the domestic knife bone cutting trouble, easy to damage the blade, laborious and inefficient design. The product is mainly used for difficult-to-cut food in the kitchen, such as chicken and duck, ribs, leg bones and other difficult-to-cut things. This product is safe and simple to use and easy to clean. This product consists mainly of two parts consisting of a plastic intermediate groove, a stainless steel knife with a short handle, the knife tip part inserted into the wood slot fixed. The food is cut off by placing it on the plane of the hairpin with one hand and pressing down with the handle of the knife with the other. The kitchen chopper has fixed parts in a rectangular groove to prevent food such as bones from sliding back and forth.

In the use of meat cutters, we should pay attention to:

1, do not put your hand into the guillotine to prevent accidental injury.

2, put the small knife in the kitchen table or other position to prevent the injury caused by the tilt.

3, after use, only need to wash with the flowing water source, the cleaning is simple and convenient.

Everyone eats and cuts food at home. However, in daily life, we often encounter frozen food such as iced meat, iced fish, chicken, duck, fish and other fish with large bones on New Year's Day. Cutting with a machete and axe, the opponent is very unsafe, the noise is very high, especially the city buildings are very loud, very uncivilized. Adopt the kitchen tie-cutting machine produced by Shenzhen Taimin Machinery Co., Ltd. It is safe, light and noiseless. It is suitable for home.