What Is The Drying Principle Of Fruit Machine?

- Aug 17, 2018-

Fresh fruit is not only sweet and delicious, but also rich in nutrients, but the defect is not suitable for long term preservation. Generally, they must be eaten within 2-3 days, otherwise the fruit will rot and waste. Fruit drying includes rich minerals, antioxidants and dietary fiber. Fruit dryers should be safe, environmentally friendly, non-polluting, and the cost is not too high, but the quality is good, can retain the fruit drying nutrients to the greatest extent. Pay attention to temperature and humidity, water content control 2, improve the efficiency of fruit drying, shorten the drying time

Working principle:

1. The low-temperature and low-pressure refrigerant gas in the evaporator enters the compressor, the drying temperature can be as high as 80 C, and the temperature can be controlled accurately and automatically 1 C.

2. The refrigerant gas is compressed into high temperature and high pressure gas by electric drive compressor and discharged to condenser for heat exchange.

3. Heat pump dryer is a perfect combination of high temperature heat pump and heat recovery technology.

4. Accurately control the temperature and humidity of the drying room, realize the material dehydration and drying, and accurately control the drying process according to different materials, saving time and labor.

The emergence of fruit dryer solves the problem of fruit preservation, and also promotes the development of candied fruit industry.