What Are The Functions Of Vegetable Processing Equipment?

- Aug 17, 2018-

Vegetable processing equipment uses fresh vegetable juice to make or process into a variety of vegetable beverages. This vegetable juice can be made into fruit, milk, sweet and other flavors of vegetable beverages, can also be processed into vegetable juice beer, vegetable juice cola, vegetable juice ice water and so on. It can supplement the essential nutrition of human body, as well as the health care function of preventing and curing diseases. This new type of vegetable slice is made of fresh vegetable paste with proper seasoning and binder, and is dried and rolled. The shape of the processed product is similar to that of an ordinary business card. When eaten, two or three slices of different kinds and colors can be overlapped together, with unique flavor. Besides thin sheets, there are also products made into thin wires. Its processing technology is a kind of vegetable which can be easily stored and transported by washing, drying and other processing technology to reduce the moisture content of fresh vegetable while keeping the original color and nutrient content unchanged.

Powdered vegetables are dried and frozen to remove moisture from the body. Then they are ground into powder and added to other foods to make vegetable noodles, vegetable biscuits, vegetable drinks, vegetable candies and pastries. This kind of powder vegetable not only preserves the nutrition of fresh vegetable, but also does not damage the fiber quality of vegetable. Vegetable processing equipment should be tested before running, let the equipment run empty for 2-3 minutes, check the transmission system and conveyor belt movement is stable. Open the oil slick removal device, so when the pump is still open, the water surface is calm, the oil drainage effect is good zui, after the oil slick is basically removed, stop oil removal, oil pollution discharge more use of rest time, will be treated vegetables and other materials to be placed on the conveyor belt, can not be pressed on the roller, the operation must pay attention.