Washing Sorting And Grading Machines Increase The Added Value Of Fresh Carrots

- Apr 06, 2021-

Washing Sorting and Grading Machines Increase the Added Value of Fresh Carrots

Carrot harvest season, the rich carrot planting base is also a busy harvest scene.

It is worth noting that today's carrots are not directly sent to the shopping malls after harvest. Before shipping, they are cleaned and graded by the washing and cleaning equipment and sorting and grading equipment.

These machines are also sutitable for other vegetables and fruits like apple, pineapple, dragon fruit, passion fruit, lemon, avocado, potato, peach, carrot, radish, orange, etc. 

Make full use of the brush-roller washing and cleaning machine, bubble washing and cleaning machine, size grading and sorting machine, diameter sorting and grading machine, weight grading and sorting machine to process the collected carrots, remove soil, loose hairs, etc., has also become an important measure to improve the quality of carrots.


At present, the sorting equipment used in fruits and vegetables industry includes weight sorting machine, size sorting machine and so on. Ane we also have sorting equipment to grade carrot as to size, shape, color and blemish from the inside out, so that the "appearance level" of carrots can really be upgraded from the inside out.

With the continuous improvement of the processing links of carrot harvesting, it will undoubtedly better enhance the competitive advantage of food, and achieve a win-win situation on the basis of domestic and foreign sales.