Washing Machine And Drying Machine Empower The Wakame Industry To Grow

- Apr 02, 2021-

Washing Machine and Drying Machine Empower the Wakame Industry to Grow

Wakame seaweed kelp, after blanching, cooling, desalting, soaking, washing, drying by air bubble washing machine, blanching machine, cooling machine, hot air circulation drying machine and other food processing machines, will be exported to many countries in the world.

Now the scale of mariculture is expanding, and a variety of food processing machines equipment has been introduced into the processing link of wakame seaweed kelp. The air bubble washing machine and hot air circulation drying machine are all important to the production of wakame seaweed kelp.

Although many areas of wakame seaweed kelp is still based on manual, but with the air bubble washer washing cleaning machine used in the processing of wakame seaweed kelp, in the high-pressure water flow and strong bubble washing, wakame seaweed kelp can not only better to remove impurities and achieve a higher cleanliness, but also will further release labor force.


In the drying process, earlier wakame seaweed kelp drying is mostly carried out through natural drying. At present, many wakame seaweed kelp processing workshops have already been put into the dryer. Manufacturers use hot air circulation drying machine and according to the actual order volume, the salted wakame seaweed kelp will be cleaned and cut directly after mechanical drying, so that the drying efficiency and product quality can be guaranteed.