Washing And Cutting Equipment, Potential Game Changer Of Fresh-Cut Vegetables And Fruits Industry

- Oct 08, 2020-

Washing and Cutting Equipment, Potential Game Changer of Fresh-Cut Vegetables and Fruits Industry

Fresh fruits and vegetables are an essential part of a healthy diet and provide a variety of vitamins. In recent years, convenient and healthy fresh-cut fruits and vegetables have occupied a place in the market. Therefore, improving the processing technology and preservation technology of fresh-cut fruits and vegetables is conducive to ensuring food safety and promoting the healthy and orderly development of the diet industry.

After being selected, fruits and vegetables are ready for the second processing process, that is, cleaning and washingProfessional fresh cut fruit and vegetable factories are using fruit and vegetable cleaning machine to achieve cleaning and removal of pesticide residues. After cleaning, the fruit and vegetables need to be cut according to the corresponding standards. Proper cutting method can not only prolong the shelf life of fruits and vegetables, but also improve the taste of fruits and vegetables themselves. Automatic fruit and vegetable cutting and processing equipment can not only completely remove the peel and stone, but also ensure the product phase of fresh fruit and vegetable.

Now let me introduce the Taibo machine’s vegetable and fruit cutting machine for you. This machine is suitable for almost all kinds of vegetables and fruits and other products like tofu, kelp, herb, etc. It can cut materials into cubes, slices, sticks of different size. It is easy to adjust the cutting size and cutting shapes. If you have any interest in this machine or other cutting machine, please contact us for more information. It features:

1. This machine is made of stainless steel, sturdy, durable and easy to clean.

2. Specialized CNC system and standard assembly guarantee stable performance of the machine.

3. National standard motor of copper core, quality conveyor belt of food grade and cutters of stainless steel guarantee stability and reliability of the machine.

4. Machines can be custom-made according to customers’ requirements with a small MOQ.


With the progress of science and technology, people have higher and higher requirements for fresh cut fruits and vegetables, and begin to pursue the freshness and taste of fruits and vegetables on the basis of unchanged quality. Therefore, relevant enterprises should constantly improve the processing technology and preservation technology, and strive to provide better consumption experience for consumers.