Vegetable Washing Machines Ensure The Stable Development Of Fresh-Cut Vegetable Industry

- Mar 27, 2021-

 Vegetable Washing Machines Ensure the Stable Development of Fresh-Cut Vegetable Industry

Clean vegetables, fresh cut vegetables, mainly is the new picking vegetables such as carrot, radish, onion, tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, winter squash, wax gourd, balsam pear, chayote, sweet potato, puerarin, cauliflower, celery, young garlic shoot, rape, garden chrysanthemum, leek, green Chinese onion, lily flower, spinach, lotus root, ginger, such as through sorting, remove not feed part and bad part, after cleaning, after segmentation, disinfection, packaging and other processing operations, can be directly used for eating or cooking vegetables.

Tubers can be used with a bubble cleaner or brush cleaner. The former mainly uses the combination of bubble machine and water to do the rolling state, and the high pressure water flow and bubble generating device impact to be cleaned object surface. The latter uses wool roller and spray device, ceaselessly contact vegetable to undertake spray, rinse, also have peeling effect at the same time.


For spinach, broccoli, celery, leek, green Chinese onion root crops, such as leaf vegetables mostly use spray cleaning machine, through high pressure spray cleaning line, again bubble generator, the roots, leaf vegetables are back, simulation of artificial cleaning at the same time, to enhance the cleaning performance and cleaning effect, high cleaning ability, wash rate and does not damage the vegetables. In addition, the product is sprayed after cleaning, reducing secondary contamination.

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