Vacuum Technologies Promotes The Evolution Of Food Package.

- Jul 14, 2020-

Vacuum technologies Promotes the Evolution of Food Package.

Human beings cannot live in vacuum, while vacuum is an excellent environment for storing food. In the rarefied vacuum environment, the decay and oxidation rate of food is greatly reduced, which can extend the shelf life of food well. Therefore, vacuum packaging equipment is widely used in the food industry.


Vacuum packaging is usually to extract the air from the packaging container to maintain a high degree of decompression, so as to achieve the vacuum conditions, to achieve the purpose of food preservation. The vacuum packaging equipment developed based on this principle has been widely used in the food industry due to its wide range of application, including cured products, fresh meat, soybean products, snack food and so on.


In a vacuum environment, microorganisms inside the material cannot grow and reproduce, which can avoid deterioration.In addition, there is no oxygen in the vacuum environment, which can also prevent the oxidation between food and oxygen and maintain the original color and flavor of food. Moreover, under the vacuum condition, the water in the material is sublimated directly from the solid to the gas, the volume of the material is almost the same, the interior is loose and porous, and the taste is more crisp.

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In addition, there are also equipment involved in the production of vacuum environment in the deep processing of meat. Vacuum rolling machine is one of them. The vacuum rolling machine is to roll and knead the raw meat and auxiliary materials in the vacuum state to achieve the purpose of curing.In a vacuum, the meat expands, accelerating the penetration and color of the marinade, softening the texture of the meat, shortening the rolling time and improving the quality of the finished product.