Upgrade Peeling Equipment To Revive The Virus-hit Beverage Industry

- Jun 16, 2020-

Upgrade Peeling Equipment to Revive the Virus-hit Beverage Industry

Recently, various fruit teas have become the popular internet celebrity. The combination of fresh fruits and fragrant tea has captured the hearts of a large number of consumers. With the increasingly fierce competition, fruit tea is becoming more and more diversified, and more and more types of fruit are used in fruit tea industry. However, most machines just have narrow ranges of applications and most fruits can only be peeled manually. Therefore, it is urgent to develop new equipment to meet the rising requirements.

Fruit tea meets consumers' demand for alternative conventional drinks and "healthy tea drinks", so there is a huge market development space. The abundant fruits in China provide the raw material basis for the development of fruit tea. Strawberry, passion fruit, pineapple, mango and grape are all favored in the fruit tea market. To make fruit tea, fruits need to be peeled completely. The output of manual peeling is low, and it is difficult to meet the market demand. Therefore, in the fruit tea market, automatic fruit peeling equipment appears very important.

As far as we’re concerned, we recommend various peeling machines for both fruits and vegetables. They are highly automated and efficient. What’s more, machines saves labors while ensuring food safety and sanitation.

We have the following machines for you:

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●electric automatic garlic peeler, garlic peeling machine

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●Leaf Vegetable Washing Cutting Machine

●Automatic Electric Potato Peeler Machine

●commercial onion processing machine/ onion peeler /peeling machine

●small capacity Potato Peeler / potato peeling machine

●New Design Automatic Small Commercial Potato Peeler Machine Price garlic peeler machine

Nowadays, people use fresh and healthy fruits instead of jam to make new tea drinks. The development of fruit peeling equipment provides a standardized solution for tea drink making. However, there are many irregularly shaped fruits with delicate flesh that cannot be peeled by automated devices. Therefore, it is urgent to develop equipment that can meet more requirements for drink processing.