Upgrade Of Pet Food Processing: Lyophilization

- Aug 27, 2020-

Upgrade of Pet Food Processing: Lyophilization

With the growth of celibacy, pet keeping has become a social fad. In addition, the emotional connection between owners and their pets is further deepened, which drives the rapid development of the pet industry. Pet food, meanwhile, is on the food circuit.

At present, pet food classification has been very refined. Pet staple food has two forms: dry food and wet food, and it is subdivided according to different breeds, ages, body types, functions, etc. At the same time, the craft of pet food is evolving.

Nowadays, the freeze-drying process is developing rapidly and is gradually applied to the production of pet food. Freeze-drying is a process in which a large amount of moisture is cooled and frozen into a solid in advance, and then the solid water is sublimated directly under the condition of vacuum, so as to achieve the purpose of drying. Frozen dry food is mostly made directly from fresh meat, egg yolk, etc., which not only has high nutritional value of raw materials, but also retains most nutrients and palatability, making it very suitable for refined feeding.

Industry insiders said that as consumers' demand for healthy, nutritious and high-quality pet food increases, the frozen food with better nutritional quality is expected to become the new hot spot in the market in the next few years. As a production technology, lyophilization equipment has many growth opportunities in the industry. Nowadays, the technology of freeze-drying equipment becomes more and more mature, which not only reduces the investment cost of equipment, but also greatly improves the performance of equipment.

A survey conducted by a foreign organization on the relationship between directors and pets showed that more than 80 percent of owners regard their pets as family members or friends, and are willing to meet both material and spiritual needs of pet lovers. It can be seen that the pet food industry has a great future development prospect. And the industry enterprises also need to upgrade the production process as soon as possible, to meet the need for healthy and refined feeding of pet owners.