Types And Cleaning Of Packages Of Pickles

- Apr 01, 2021-

Types and Cleaning of Packages of Pickles

Packaging of pickles can be divided into 2 categories: flexible packaging, bottled; And 2 essential machines are also related to pickle production, that is vacuum packing packaging machine, air bubble washer washing cleaning equipment. So-called packaging, to put it simply, is nothing more than easy to carry, give the secondary added value of pickles.

Flexible packaging is divided into two kinds: the first is prefabricated bags; The second is the bagging of packaging. Vacuum packing packaging machines and air bubble fruit vegetable pickle fish tea apple pineapple carrot celery onion washer washing machine are commonly used in the production of pickles. 

Initially, pickles production and packaging, restricted by economic and technological development, completely rely on manual completion. That is, the need for manual weighing and bagging, and then vacuum and seal. Vacuum packing packaging  machine in the work, the first vacuum, and then use the heat seal to seal the packaging, to ensure the safety of pickles, prolong the storage time and shelf life.


 The pickle packaging still needs cleaning. For mass production, automatic air bubble washer washing machine cleaning equipment is essential. This air bubble washer washing cleaning machine can make the appearance of the product cleaner and tidy, but also can prevent the product in the transportation of corruption, bring economic losses.