Three Things To Pay Attention To When Buying Vegetable Washing Machines

- Aug 17, 2018-

Vegetable washing machine is used bubble water bath cleaning. Suitable for the cleaning of slices of vegetables, can be customized according to the amount of products. Vegetable detergent is very common in life, not only save manpower, wash is also very clean, it can easily remove pesticides and sediment on vegetables and some microorganisms, so widely loved by people.

Three things to pay attention to when buying vegetable washing machines

1. Choose the brand: At present, there are many brands of vegetable cleaners on the market. After trial, it is found that as long as the products produced by the regular manufacturers are still available in terms of convenience and effect. Therefore, please try your best to buy the products of famous manufacturers.

2. Understanding function: For the vegetable cleaning machine, the most important is the cleaning function, because the cleaning machine, sterilization, disinfection, preservation and other functions rely on ozone to complete. Therefore, in the selection of fruit and vegetable cleaning machine must ask whether the machine is using ozone sterilization principle to complete the work.

3. Look at the appearance and structure: when choosing vegetable washing machine, we should pay attention to the appearance of the machine first, recommend buying a vegetable washing machine with fashionable appearance, excellent manufacturing technology and a certain volume of cleaning box. In addition, in the choice of structure, we recommend that you buy a relatively simple structure, wash basket can be separated from the machine, such fruit and vegetable washing machine is not only cheap, low failure rate, but also in the daily maintenance and cleaning is very convenient.