The Significant Growth Of Pet Food Industry Draws Support From New Technology

- Dec 31, 2020-

The Significant Growth of Pet Food Industry Draws Support from New Technology

In recent years, with the expansion of the pet population, pet "family status" has also been improving, pets have become more and more young people's spiritual partner, pet food market size is also expanding. The pet staple food and snack market is more concentrated, and overseas brands as a whole are more popular with consumers.

Most dog food is made of air-dried or dried, the processing process selects high-quality ingredients, and the use of 70 degrees C low-temperature air-drying process, with the help of low-temperature air-drying machine, at low temperature bar prices for the ingredients air-dried, compared to the traditional high-temperature air-drying technology, not only reduce the loss of dog food nutrition, fully lock the fresh nutrition of the ingredients, but also retain the original flavor, improve the dog food rations.

In recent years, with the help of the development of the pet industry, the industry has the strength of influential enterprises are expanding the scale of development, expansion and innovation of product categories, creating one brilliant performance after another. In the pet food industry market potential rapid release of the background, I hope that pet food enterprises continue to maintain product innovation, improve the nutrition, flavor and taste of pet food, so that the owner of products and the industry more confidence.