The Next Big Thing In Food Processing Equipment

- May 21, 2020-

The Next Big Thing in Food Processing Equipment

                               ---Classification of food processing equipment

In the last passage, we explained what food processing equipment is. And today, you’ll learn more about different types of food processing equipment.

With the wide range of food processing equipment available now, food machines can classified and categorized in several ways.

Let’s break the food processing production cycle into several stages and figure out how many machines will be referred.


●Cleaning: Remove foreign matter and contaminants from the surface of raw food material via wet and dry cleaning processes

What we have:

√New Design Industrial Cabbage Salad Fruit Vegetable Washing Machine

√Papaya/citrius/lemon/mango/orange/apple washing machine,fruit vegetable washer and sterilizer

√Single Tipping Bucket Commercial Lettuce Salad Vegetable Washing Machine

Brush Roller Spray Vegetable Fruit Washing Machine

Industrial air bubble ozone leaf vegetable and root vegetable washing machine for factory and farm

√Soaking tank for fruit, vegetable and other materials

●Peeling/Skinning: Removes inedible or undesirable material to increase the overall quality and/or appearance of the final food product.

What we have:

√Electric automatic garlic peeler peeling machine

TBQT1800 Electric Industrial Potato Cassava Carrot Peeler

Electric Industrial Garlic Separator Machine

New Design Automatic Small Commercial Potato Peeler Machine

Carborundum abrasive rollers/bowls (abrasion peeling) machine

Grading and sorting

👉Mechanical processing

👉Heat processing




In the following days, we will explore the rest types of food processing equipment available now, and provide examples of each. Keep following us and get ready for your big success in food industry.