The Difficult Situation Of Grain Bread Needs To Be Solved

- Sep 12, 2020-

The Difficult Situation of Grain Bread Needs to be Solved

In recent years, as people have become more aware of healthy eating and changed their attitudes towards consumption, whole-wheat bread has been gaining popularity with labels such as "healthy nutrition", "satiety" and "no oil and no sugar", and annual sales have soared.However, according to the survey, there is no 100% whole wheat bread on the market at present. Most of them are wheat flour or "whole wheat bread" made by mixing wheat flour and whole wheat flour.

As a kind of baked goods, whole-wheat bread is rich in dietary fiber, crude fiber, sugar-free and oil-free, etc. In recent years, under the promotion of consumption and the gradual enhancement of people's awareness of health preservation, it has been favored by more and more consumers.However, there are some problems in the development of the whole wheat bread market.

For example, there is no 100% whole wheat bread on the market. It is mostly wheat flour mixed with whole wheat flour.Moreover, due to the lack of industry standard guidance and specification in the whole wheat bread market, the products are uneven. As long as the products contain wheat flour, they can be called whole wheat bread.Even in the market, various food additives such as syrup and caramel pigment are used to mix colors to make the bread appear pale brown, which can be used as wholemeal bread and mislead consumers.In addition, wholemeal bread because of taste rough texture dry hard, lack of elasticity, short shelf life and so on by many people rejected.
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So, how to solve the problem of whole wheat bread industry development, promote the healthy and high-quality development of the industry? On the one hand, the industry should speed up the compilation and formulation of relevant standards for whole-wheat bread, which is conducive to guiding the standardization and standardized development of the market, improving the technical level of whole-wheat bread processing, and ensuring the safety of production quality and consumers' right to know. On the other hand, relevant enterprises should constantly optimize the production process and technology to make the whole wheat bread taste delicate, reduce the degree of dry and hard texture and so on, and improve the taste acceptance of consumers.