Technology Promotes The Development Of Instant Food

- Sep 26, 2020-

Technology Promotes the Development of Instant Food

In the first half of this year, the instant food industry has ushered in a new trend of growth. The key and core of the industry is scientific and technological innovation to accurately feel the pulse for the rapid development of the industry. Instant food industry may enter a new period of iterative development.

In recent years, the instant food industry is accelerating towards the positioning of "delicious, healthy and nutritious" meals. The tendency of "materialized" is becoming more and more obvious, bringing healthy and delicious life experience to consumers. Under the new era of innovative products, not only the appearance of outstanding, excellent quality is also more safe and nutritious. Therefore, many manufacturers choose dehydrated vegetables or freeze-dried vegetables to make instant noodles more nutritionally balanced.

It takes a lot of time to wash and cut vegetables, which is why we recommend Taibo machines for you. We have various vegetable washing and cutting machine for leaf, root and stem vegetables. I’ll take our best seller -air bubble washing machine as example to show you our manufacturing processes and quality assurance. This bubble vegetable washing machine features:

📌High-pressure bubbles wash materials thoroughly like handwashing, causing no damage to materials.

📌Spraying valves above the pool clean materials from above.

📌Spraying valves at the lifting part can be connected to tap water for secondary cleaning of materials.             

📌Washed materials are automatically lifted and conveyed to the next process or container.

📌The speed can be controlled freely by the frequency converter.


At present, health, nutrition and innovation have become the general trend of convenient food development in the future. The convenience food industry needs to strengthen technological innovation and research and development, overcome the difficulties in production and processing technology, continue to make efforts to the high-end market, and achieve upgrading and transformation.