Stewed Meat Pots Promotes The Development Of Meat Product Industry

- Nov 13, 2020-

Stewed Meat Pots Promotes the Development of Meat Product Industry

In recent years, the continuous expansion of livestock and poultry breeding scale has promoted the growth of meat production. With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, the demand for meat products doubled, and the demand for meat products increased significantly. In the development, stewed meat cooking pots and other stewed meat product equipment play an obvious role in achieving temperature control and ensuring the flavor and taste of the product.

The so-called stew is sweet and delicious food, processed by stews, with meat, meat, livestock, meat, aquatic products, vegetables as the main raw materials.

So, what is the processing technology for stewed meat products? What processing equipment is involved? The author has learned that, generally speaking, the processing technology of saline products includes raw material cutting, cleaning, salt water adjustment, salt water cooking, soaking, cooling, packaging and other processes.Food equipment used included cutting machines, washing machines and salt water cooking pots, cooling machine, packaging machine and other so-called roasting is the process of processing raw materials with water, seasoning, cooking and other heating methods, which has a significant impact on the color, aroma, taste, shape and quality of the finished products.

At present, leisure stewed meat product industry is still in the stage of long-term growth, and the market size is relatively small, with huge potential to break through the scale of 100 billion market. Among them, poultry accounted for a large proportion of leisure salt water products, and the rapid growth. With the continuous development of the product market, related stewed meat processing equipment will also contribute its own strength in the industrial development.