Sorting And Drying Machines Make The Charming Prospect Of Dried Fig Industry Possible

- Sep 15, 2020-

Sorting and Drying Machines Make the Charming Prospect of Dried Fig Industry Possible

Autumn is the picking season for figs. Green fig trees with purple or green figs hanging on the branches, give off a charming aroma of fruit, making all customers give in temptation. Nowadays, figs have become the distinguished treasure fruit that drives people to increase income and get rich. Grading machines and drying machines help increase the added value.

Figs, known as "bun stuffed with sugar on the tree", is juicy, sweet, soft, delicious, fragrant and attractive, having high nutritional value and medicinal value. They are known as "the patron saint of human health in the 21st century".With the increasing demand for figs, figs have become the "golden fruit" to get rid of poverty and get rich. Figs are further processed into dried figs, preserved figs, fig wine, fig tea, jam and other products, which are sold online and offline all over the country, greatly increasing the added value of products and driving the continuous increase in income.

In recent years, China's drying equipment market has been developing rapidly, occupying over 80% of the domestic market, and the product categories are increasingly rich, such as high temperature hot air dryer, vacuum dryer, microwave dryer, air-energy heat pump drying room, etc., which can meet the drying requirements of many kinds of agricultural products such as figs.

Taibo hot air circulation drying machine is suitable for drying industryies. It features:

 ✅The whole machine (frame, plates, accessories) is made of SUS304 stainless steel, except the motor. Thus the machine is corrosion-resistant, durable and meets international food sanitary standards.

 The temperature and humidity can be set freely. The intelligent and accurate temperature (± 0.5 ℃) and humidity control is suitable for various materials and processing technologies. Therefore finished products are of great quality.

 The aluminum silicate insulation of 50mm has great heat preservation. All-welded and polished plates effectively prevent heat loss and are easy to clean.

 Trays are welded and made of SUS304 stainless steel. After polishing and electrolysis, trays get more corrosion-resistant and durable.

 Innovative framework of doors, handles and locks of containers, which have great airtightness are durable and will not deform after prolonged use.

 Air-adjusting plates are used to adjust air volume and speed. They are easy to operate and widely adjustable, so the machine can process various materials and meet different processing requirements.



Dried vegetables and fruits like fig, kiwi, apple are popular now. If you are interested in drying equipment or our drying machines, please feel free to contact us.