Snack -the New Trend Promotes The Innovation Of Production Technology

- Aug 06, 2020-

Snack -the New Trend Promotes the Innovation of Production Technology

Walk into a store, the snacks such as all kinds of potato chips, dried meat, dried fruit and bread placed on the cupboard let a person's forefinger move greatly.At present, the consumption level of residents in China is increasing, and the consumption of snacks is increasing, driving the rapid development of the snack industry.Industry insiders pointed out that.Snacks are becoming the "new rigid demand" for consumption in China, and have grown into a trillion-level industry.At the same time, consumers also pay more attention to the meal replacement function and health properties of snacks, which brings new development challenges for snack manufacturers.

New consumer groups will also inject new development impetus into the leisure snack industry, such as snacks dinner-based, healthy and so on.Faced with a rapidly developing social environment, consumers' time is more fragmented, and they often do not have enough time for dinner.And the emergence of the group of the overwork group makes the "fourth meal" and "fifth meal" appear in some People's Daily meals, which promotes the appearance of dinner-type snacks.

In addition, food substitutes such as cereal bars, protein bars and meal replacements such as milkshakes are also added to consumers' snack time, which not only can satisfy their appetite, but also take on the energy intake of traditional meals.

The popularity of meal replacement bars can also be seen from the trend of healthy snack industry. In the past two years, snack companies have been committed to labeling themselves as healthy and providing consumers with a sense of happiness without burden.Among them, plant protein has lower calories and is considered to be healthier. Therefore, plant protein has become one of the raw materials providing high nutrition and low calories for snacks, accelerating the development of plant protein products, among which artificial meat snacks are one of them.

Delicious snacks can reduce people's psychological pressure, and can help the user to relieve their own mood, keep a good mood, so snacks are an essential part of daily life.The snack industry rises in the fast moving consumer goods market with huge advantages, showing the characteristics of "fast, wide, more and change", showing the trend of dinnerization and health, and promoting the development of new production technology.