Smart Production Equipment Improves The Competitiveness Of Bakery Industry

- Aug 25, 2020-

Smart Production Equipment Improves the Competitiveness of Bakery Industry

In recent years, as the young consumer group is affected by foreign eating habits and the pace of urban life is accelerated, the world's per capita consumption of baked goods has maintained a high digit growth, which has led to the rapid growth of baked goods sales revenue.With the new generation of consumers, such as those born in the 1990s, gradually becoming the main consumer, it is expected to continue to grow in the future.

Learned, some large brand baked goods factory, already realize machine, intelligent operation, large-scale production, not only realizes the industrialization, standardization, standardization, baked goods than artificial, machine can guarantee product safety, health, but also for baking food production enterprises save a lot of manpower and material resources cost.

At present, the world's very advanced automatic intelligent baking production line, dough mixing, stirring, fermentation, molding, awakening, baking and other processing links are carried out in a certain temperature and humidity, effectively ensuring food safety.

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In general, the domestic baking industry shows a good momentum of rapid development, realizing standardized and automated production, and the product quality, health and safety conditions have been significantly improved.With the adjustment of people's diet structure and the improvement of life quality, the proportion of baked goods in daily diet structure may continue to increase, which will bring opportunities to the development of the domestic baking industry, and with the enabling effect of smart baking equipment, the baked goods industry will also present a new situation of vigorous development.