Rapid Development Of Fresh Bread Promotes Demands For Advanced Processing Equipment

- Oct 09, 2020-

Rapid Development of Fresh Bread Promotes Demands for Advanced Processing Equipment

Pastry is China's traditional snack food, with a profound national foundation and a long history. According to the online survey and analysis, when choosing a pastry, consumers give priority to such factors as whether the pastry is delicious and healthy, and whether it is convenient to carry, etc., while the rapid rise of short-guarantee bread cakes in recent years has well satisfied this change in consumption habits.

A short warranty is a product with a shelf life of less than three months or even 35 days. The product has no additives, is fresh, tastes good, and is higher in moisture. The big selling point of short warranty products is freshness, which gives rise to a series of problems in production, packaging, logistics, storage, distribution channels and other aspects.In addition, with the rapid development of the new retail mode, food processing factories have to change the way and process of food production. The original manual production can no longer meet this market demand. At this time, a variety of fully automatic baking machines are developed, with excellent comprehensive performance to meet this market demand.

Taibo machine has a wide range of bakery machines. We have dough mixing and kneading machine, dough dividing machine, dough rounding machine, nuts cutting machines etc. And today, we are going to introduce the dough dividing machine and conical dough rounding machine. These two machines are both suitable for dough pieces of 5-800g and dough of large water content. They are always integrated into production lines. The dough rounding machine features:

1.The framework is made of stainless steel, conforming to food hygiene standards.

2.The dough rounding components are made of aluminum alloy and covered with food grade PTFE, which is non-stick and easy to clean. Finished products have smooth surface and good roundness.

3.Suitable for divided dough pieces of 5-800g

4.Suitable for dough of widely ranged moisture contents and sticky dough. (10:4.5-10:6FlourWater)

In recent years, with the upgrading of consumption, accelerated pace of people's life, changes in consumption diet habits and other trends, consumers are increasingly demanding to shorten the shelf life. If we want to keep the heat, the priority for food manufacturers is to use more efficient, safe and clean machines to create better quality, better storage and more convenient products.