Production Flow Of Vegetable Fruit Mushroom Chips

- Mar 09, 2021-

Production Flow of Vegetable Fruit Mushroom Chips

Fruit and vegetable crisps are very healthy and popular food. There are many kinds of choices, such as shiitake crisps, taro crisps, apple crisps, okra crisps, etc. With the expansion of the market and the production technology of mature fruit and vegetable chips production process is now much the same.

Today we're going to introduce the production flow of vegetable and fruit chips, taking mushroom as example. The process flow is: raw material → selection, classification → finishing, cleaning → slicing → finishing, cooling → quick freezing → packaging → metal detection → storage and cold storage → out of storage → impregnation, rinsing → vacuum and low temperature dehydration → cooling, sorting → metal detection → nitrogen-filled packaging → storage


● Selection and grading: Select rotten mushroom manually and then grade the good one according to the size. In this process, a Taibo picking table and a weight-grading or size-grading machine are necessary.

● Cleaning and cleaning: use scissors to cut off the handle of mushrooms after grading, and clean with clean water to remove impurities on the surface of mushroom umbrella. A air bubble washing machine with ozone generator is important.

● Slice: manual slicing, slicing form: two slices for one knife or four slices for two knives. Taibo has various cutting machines cutter for vegetables and fruits, even meat.

● Blanching and cooling: This is basically blanching. Put mushroom slices into the boiling water for about 2 minutes, to the mushroom slices "through and not rotten" as a degree, after the end of the mushroom slices quickly into cold water to cool to about 20 degrees C, and draining for a moment.Taibo has blanching machines and cooling machines.

In conclusion, automatic processing machine are of great importance in the production of vegetables and fruits chips. These machines ensures the output, hygiene, and quality of materials. Please contact us for more information if you are interested. 

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