Production And Sterilization Technology Promotes Soybean Products Industry

- Jan 26, 2021-

Production and Sterilization Technology Promotes Soybean Products Industry

  Dried beans are very popular among young people as a leisure soy products. The industrial process of leisure dried beans is usually billet, blanching, frying, skewering, brining, drying, mixing, packaging, sterilization, etc.

  Making billet is the key of making casual dried beans. Beans need to be washed and soaked before pulping. Automated machinery is essential for large - volume production. Taibo air bubble washing machine is suitable for washing and cleaning all kinds of materials. We can customize the mesh belt according to the size of your materials, which saves costs and improves efficiency.

  In the baking process, the dried bean must be tiled, and a certain interval must be kept between the pieces, and cannot be overlapped, otherwise it will cause flower flakes or indentation. Drying should first medium temperature, then low temperature, generally not high temperature. Taibo hot air circulation drying machine has automatic and accurate temperature and humidity control system. It is easy to understand and operate. Trays are made of SUS304 stainless steel, which is durable and has no odour, leaving finished products good taste and texture.


  In order to enrich the taste type and make up for the lack of taste, the marinated products generally need to be seasoned again and mixed before they can become finished products. According to the requirements of different products, mixing materials are often used in different formulations. We have two-shaft mixing machine and seasoning and flavoring machine to mix materials with other ingredients. Also, we have vacuum tumbling machine for marinating and tumbling meat or other materials. All of these machines can mix materials and spices uniformly, evenly and efficiently. We can recommend the proper models according to your requirements.

  As people pay more attention to healthy diet, soy products will become more and more popular. Soybean products manufacturers should update their technology and equipment to cope with larger scale production.

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