Processing Technology Encourages The Development Of Various Corn Kernels Products

- Jul 30, 2020-

Processing Technology Encourages the Development of Various Corn Kernels Products

Recently it is the season for corn to be on the market. In addition to selling fresh corn, it also brings a large amount of raw material supply for corn deep processing industry. Canned corn kernels are favored by many consumers in corn deep processing products. Today, demand for quick cooking is growing and the market for canned corn kernels is expanding.

It is reported that the canned corn production process includes husking and whisking, threshing, blanching, canning, sealing, sterilization and so on. After the fresh corn enters the production line, the corn bracts are first removed by a husker, and then the corn whisks are removed by a second roller.After removing the impurities, the sheller is used to separate the corn kernels from the corn cob. The corn kernels have to go through the screening process. The screening equipment is used to separate the unqualified corn kernels. Afterwards, the corn kernels are cleaned and blanched by washing and blanching equipment. After pre-boiling, filling equipment is used to fill the cans with corn kernels, water, salt, sugar, etc., and seal the cans and sterilize them.

It can be seen that in the automatic production line of corn can, the required automation equipment is not small, including peeling machine, threshing machine, sieving machine, cleaning machine, blanching machine, filling machine, can sealing machine, sterilizing machine and so on.

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In recent years, corn kernels meals have become increasingly popular among consumers, making canned corn kernels popular in both the catering industry and the end consumer market. At the same time, the development of threshing machine, filling machine, can sealing machine, sterilization pot and other equipment, also makes the production become more automatic, product quality has been improved.