Processing Equipment Releases The Taste And Quality Of Precooked Meals

- Sep 22, 2020-

Processing Equipment Releases the Taste and Quality of Precooked Meals

Prepared dishes are mainly targeted at fast food chains, hotels, takeout and other catering industries. Especially under the impact of the epidemic, convenient, hygienic and delicious prepared dishes not only save the cumbersome procurement of all kinds of food materials, but also simplify the complex steps of meal preparation and improve cooking efficiency, thus bringing great convenience to people and releasing huge market consumption potential.

So-called prepared food, mainly with the modern standardized, automated production equipment, such as cutting equipment, vacuum packaging machine, quick-freezing machine, etc.) to form an assembly line, including the quick-freeze technology, fully locked precast food freshness and flavor, keep the food nutrition, taste and flavor.

Taibo vertex/spiral/helical washing machine is suitable to washing cut up vegetables and fruit or whole vegetable and fruit. The whole machine is sandblasted, making it more corrosion-resistant and beautiful, having a service lifer of 15 years. It is essential to vegetable and fruit processing plants or central kitchens. If features:

The machine uses quality 3mm SUS304 stainless steel and Siemens electrical components, having a service life of 15 years.

Impurities can be effectively removed by the detachable upper rotating basket controlled by the frequency converter.

All impurities will be filtered by the lower rotating basket, which ensures that water in the circulation is purified and clean.

Washed materials are conveyed to the vibration sieve under the spray system, thus materials can be washed thoroughly and completely.


The introduction of prefabricated dishes allows people to say goodbye to the complicated steps of buying, washing, cutting and seasoning cooking, and eat delicious meals with simple processing. Relevant manufacturing enterprises should speed up the innovation and research and development of prefabricated vegetables production and processing equipment