Processing Criterion Is Needed For Bread And Dried Bread Industry

- Oct 22, 2020-

Processing Criterion Is Needed for Bread And Dried Bread Industry

In recent years, western food culture has slowly spread in China, with various bakeries and cake shops emerging in endlessly, and the baked food industry has entered a period of rapid development.Among all kinds of baking products, bread accounts for a very high proportion, and the categories are increasing and becoming more diversified.

As a derivative of bread, dry bread is becoming more and more popular among consumers. Bread is a fermented product, easy to digest, easy to absorb, and bread has a large gap, less water content, can be stored in a dry environment for a long time and easy to carry, popular among people.

Nowadays, most bread and dough drying enterprises adopt advanced automatic production equipment, such as double-speed and double-action dough mixer, dough cutting machine, dough coating and kneading machine, automatic temperature-controlled wet shaping machine, automatic hair-raising box, etc., which not only improves production efficiency, saves cost, but also improves the quality of bread and dough drying.

Taibo has a whole range of bakery equipment and today we are going to introduce you the dough mixing and kneading machine for you. Taibo dough mixing and kneading machine features:

✅The bowl is made of food grade 304 stainless steel,  which is heat-resistant, odorless, harmless and safe.

✅Thickened metal machine body is durable and stable. It doesn't shake while mixing.

✅Spiral hook and the bowl rotating at the same time double the mixing efficiency and effect.

✅Copper wire motor of high performance and strong drive can rotate at high speed and has long service life.

✅Open the cover and the machine will stop immediately, which is safe and prevents accidents.

✅Advanced spiral hooks can mix and knead dough evenly without wasting flour.

✅There are anti-skid pads for four corners of the machine, thus it is as stable as a mountain, and it doesn't shake while mixing.


With the development of urbanization and the accelerating pace of Chinese people's life, the potential of bakery market such as bread drying is gradually released, and the market size is also increasing.

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