Preservation Technology Helps Fresh Mushroom Become Popular Among People

- Jan 30, 2021-

Preservation Technology Helps Fresh Mushroom Become Popular Among People

Mushrooms are a common ingredient in the family table, but usually most families will mainly choose dry mushrooms and other products, used to add flavor to the dishes. It is worth noting that mushrooms have long been insatiable storage and other disadvantages, so dried mushrooms can become the main mushroom products on the market.

 However, fresh mushrooms have recently become a more popular main demand on the market. It is reported that the water content of fresh mushrooms as high as 85%, but also rich in the human body necessary 7 amino acids and protein, fiber and other nutrients. At the time, in order to ensure that fresh mushrooms can smoothly enter the table of thousands of households, all over the country have also started from refrigeration preservation equipment, focus on advanced cold chain supporting facilities for fresh mushrooms on the market escort.


In recent years, thanks to China's cold chain storage facilities continue to be established, but also for fresh mushrooms and other agricultural products to provide more accurate safeguards. In this context, mushroom industry can further have the strength to broaden the industrial chain and development radius, for farmers to bring a variety of ways to get rich.