Peeling And Shelling Equipment Both Help Walnut Become Convenient Snack Food

- Jan 17, 2021-

Peeling and Shelling Equipment Both Help Walnut Become Convenient Snack Food

Walnuts belong to nut foods, with batan wood, cashew nuts, hazelnuts and called the world's "four dried fruits." Because walnuts are rich in protein, a variety of trace elements, vitamins and minerals, it has also become one of the most common nuts in people's daily lives. 

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Walnuts are very nutritional but its thick and hard shell is difficult to remove. Generally speaking, a mature walnut to go through the green skin, cleaning, air drying, sequoia, shelling and a series of processing links, in order to get pure fruit walnut products. Among them, only peeling and shelling links, to the production of walnuts bring no small challenges.

Shelling just-picked walnut green skin is difficult. So peeling is the first link in walnut processing. Barrel walnut peeling machine came into being. The collected walnuts simply need to be poured into the device to automatically remove the green skin with the pressure generated by kneading. At the same time, relying on such peeling equipment, but also to achieve the goal of ready-to-harvest, improve processing efficiency.

However, the removal of green skin is only the first step, in order to get further walnut flesh, but also rely on the walnut peeler.

Walnuts also have a thin brown outer layer when eaten. The walnut peeler not only goes to the outer layer of walnut shell, but also handles the skin on the flesh to get a better taste of walnut flesh. At the same time, this processing process also laid the foundation for walnuts processed into amber walnuts, mixed nuts and other products.

With the help of a series of automated peeling and shelling devices in recent years, walnut-based nut-convenient foods are becoming a major choice for people to consume. However, throughout the nut industry, the traditional manual shelling, peeling methods still occupy a large proportion, it is clear that to promote the walnut industry to mechanization, standardization of the development of there is not a small space.