Peanut Ushers In The Development Of Peeling Machine And Baking Oven

- Jul 25, 2020-

Peanut Ushers in the Development of Peeling Machine and Baking Oven

Nowadays, through peanut processing, people no longer only sell peanut fresh fruit, at the same time, peanut shell, peanut seedlings have become a smart goods, product price doubled, the value rose.Peanut sheller, intelligent drying room for the added value of the promotion of peanut industry quality and healthy development provided a strong scientific and technological power.

Peanut is a kind of nut with rich yield, affordable price and widely eaten by people. It has nutritional value, medicinal value and therapeutic value, so it has been called "everlasting fruit" among the people.Peanut contains 25%-35% protein, and contains choline, lecithin, which is rare in general grains, and has the effect of promoting human metabolism, etc., in people's consciousness of healthy diet is gradually enhanced at present, peanut is loved by many people.

With the development of peanut industrialization and scale, peanut automatic sheller came into being.Peanut automatic sheller sheller sheller clean, high productivity and low loss rate, small breakage rate, sheller rate of about 98%, breakage rate will not exceed 5%, bringing a high degree of automation, high efficiency, low loss rate peanut sheller experience.

 Taibo machine researched and develop many kinds of peanut peeling machines. We have Industrial Runner Virginia Spanish Valencia peanuts Machine Peeling Machine, Automatic Runner Virginia Spanish Valencia peanuts Machine Peeling Machine, Hith Output Peanuts Peeling Machine for Peanut Processing, Commercial Runner Virginia Spanish Valencia peanuts Machine Peeling Machine with Factory Price, Hith Output Peanuts Peeling Machine for Peanut Processing.

Nowadays, with the emergence of intelligent baking rooms, not only the data of heating, temperature regulation, humidity control and other operational links can be precisely controlled and stable, ensuring the processing quality of biomass fuel, but also reducing the link pollution and energy saving

Peanuts to "value", in addition to the regular in planting link, improve the level of planting technology strength, still must on the processing link, eat dry squeeze net, greatly improve the added value and do better job "peanut industry for poverty alleviation" big article, played the characteristic agriculture "ecological enriching people", and effectively extend the industrial chain, industrial development, scale, and promote the industrialization of peanut.