Oil-Water Mixture Frying Machine Improves The Quality Of Food

- Dec 08, 2020-

Oil-Water Mixture Frying Machine Improves the Quality of Food

Fryers or frying machines in markets can be generally divided into two groups: pure oil and oil-water mixture. Today, we are going to introduce the advantages of oil-water mixture fryer or frying machines.

①First, oil-water mixture frying machine greatly saves half of the oil, which is very environment friendly. High and low temperature oil technology for heating prevents oil reservoir residue from burning and turning black, thus reduces the waste of oil. The oil temperature can be adjusted.
②Second, energy saving and safe to use. Oil-water mixture fryer is equipped with advanced intelligent energy-saving gas energy-saving technology, which is more energy-saving than the ordinary type gas stove. Digital display temperature control device, after you choose the temperature of the fried food, the deep-frying machine automatically controls the circuit of the deep-frying temperature to ensure constant temperature. This not only greatly reduced the use of gas consumption, and make the operation more simple, fast.

③Third, oil not turning black. Due to the special heating method and the fact that the density of vegetable oil is smaller than animal oil. During frying, the residues will fall down and this decreases the chances of cancer.
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French fries picture credit: https://pixabay.com/zh/photos/potato-frying-yellow-unhealthy-3497393/