New Trend In Natural Food And Beverage Industry

- Feb 06, 2021-

New Trend in Natural Food and Beverage Industry 

What kind of products is the big hit in the market today? What kind of products can directly go into the hearts of consumers?

More than 3,500 companies and brands that produce natural, organic and functional products showcased their latest innovations at the worldwide exhibition in America. Among them, mushrooms show their magic and make different snacks and delicacy.

Large scaled production of new products needs to be done with automatic and efficient machines like vegetable cutting machine, vegetable and fruit washing machine washer, meat cutting machine, mushroom drying machine, fish drying machine, vacuum packing machine, etc. 

Interest in plant-based diets has led to the creation of new product categories, such as crispy snacks made with bananas and mushrooms, that can cut down on meat consumption while adding a different flavor to meals.

A Chicago-based company is offering a range of vegan jerky made from wheat bran in flavors such as tamarind pepperoni, pineapple pepper and turmeric.


Vegan jerky provides calories and protein per serving, and has the texture and chewiness of traditional beef jerky. The Pennsylvania-based company has introduced mushroom jerky, which blends dried mushrooms with beef or Turkey to provide a healthier and more sustainable option.

The Minnesota-based company is also offering a range of mushroom-blended patties, which are made with grass-fed beef, Turkey and other ingredients, along with mushrooms, Onions, peppers, sea salt and pepper.