New Choice Of Potato Processing

- Aug 17, 2018-

Potatoes are produced in South America. The cultivation history of potatoes can be traced back to 8000 B.C. to 5000 B.C. Potatoes have high protein nutritional value and high starch content, and soon become the most popular food in the world.

Despite the high value of potato utilization, potato peeling is a heavy work. Shandong Yinying Cooking Machinery Co., Ltd. extensively investigated the market demand, conformed to the market demand situation, research and development team overcome many difficulties, and finally developed a special potato peeling machine - Yinying brand potato peeling machine.

As the latest desquamation equipment on the market, it is easy to operate, beautiful in appearance, high in efficiency, large in capacity and low in energy consumption. Like multi-functional vegetable cutter, it has been widely used in large business hotels, canteens, food processing and other places. But now the desquamation equipment on the market is mixed up. How do we buy it as a consumer?

1. look at output first. The output of different peeling equipment varies, and the right equipment is selected according to their output demand.

2. another thing is to pay attention to the material of the equipment. In view of the factors of waterproofing, rust prevention and safety, stainless steel should be used. Then is the motor material, as the heart of the equipment, the quality of the motor is directly related to the service life and work efficiency of the peeler, in this proposal to choose a regular manufacturer's copper-core motor.

The 3. is the brand of equipment. Selection of large-brand equipment from regular manufacturers will be a strong guarantee in product quality and after-sales maintenance, and can solve equipment failures in time to ensure production.