New Choice Of Food Processing Machines

- May 23, 2020-

                    New Choice of Food Processing Machines

                                                                                        --Classification of food processing equipment(2)

In the last passage, we showed you the classification and functions of cleaning machine, peeling and skinning machine. And today, we are going to introduce grading/sorting machine and many others machins for food processing. Keep on reading if you are interested in choosing the best machines for your food factory. 


●Cleaning: Remove foreign matter and contaminants from the surface of raw food material via wet and dry cleaning processes

●Peeling/SkinningRemoves inedible or undesirable material to increase the overall quality and/or appearance of the final food product.

Grading and sorting: Grade or sort materials by size, weight, volume. This kind of machine is mainly used before packaging. And it is always integrated into production lines. 

What we have:

√ CE Approved fruit and vegetable washing cleaning/waxing/drying/sorting machine line

√ Citrus Washing Waxing Drying \Grading Machine

√ Industrial Mango Orange Apple Avocado Fruit Vegetable Washing Waxing Drying Grading Machine         apple grading machine

 Double Layer Sorting Conveyor /Sorting table for vegetable and fruit process

  Double Layer Sorting Conveyor /picking table for processing vegetable fruit

👉Mechanical processing

👉Heat processing




In the following days, we will explore the rest types of food processing equipment available now, and provide examples of each. Keep following us and get ready for your big success in food industry.