Mixing Machine Mixer Of Food Processing Equipment

- May 28, 2020-

Mixing Machine Mixer of food processing equipment

-Classification of food processing equipment(4)

Today, lets move on to the rest of classification of mechanical processing equipment, that is, homogenization and mixing equipment.


●Cleaning    ●Peeling/Skinning    ●Grading and sorting

👉 Mechanical processing

Size Reduction: Reduces the average particle size of solid food matter through mechanical processes involving compression, shear, or impact force.

 Size Enlargement: Increases the average particle size of solid food matter through mechanical processes, such as extrusion, agglomeration, or forming.

 Homogenization: It is also referred to as emulsification. Reduces the average particle size and increases the consistency of semi-solid and liquid food matter.

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 Mixing: Also referred to as blending. Combines and disperses two or more components into one another to achieve and maintain a uniform mixture and/or an alteration to the functional or aesthetic qualities of the food product (e.g., texture). Type of equipment depends on the form of the food components—gas/liquid, liquid/liquid, liquid/solid, solid/solid

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 👉 Heat processing

👉 Preservation


In the next post, we will explore the heat processing equipment, which includes baking, dehydration, blanching, etc. and provide examples of each. Keep following us and get ready for your big success in food industry.