Mechanized Production Makes Minced Shrimp Become More And More Popular

- Oct 15, 2020-

Mechanized Production Makes Minced Shrimp Become More and More Popular

Minced shrimp has become a standard dish in hotpot restaurants because of its elastic and smooth taste. They can also be seen in some snack streets. The stall owner slides the shrimp in the bamboo tube into the boiling soup. After a few seconds of cooking, the shrimp will be out of the pot. The delicious smell of shrimp instantly makes the human body overflow.

After cleaning, shelling and picking, the shrimp are usually mixed with starch, egg and other ingredients and beaten. This process is usually completed by chopping and mixing machine or stuffing machine. Whether large-scale production or small scale, the use of chopping and stuffing machine has greatly improved production efficiency and ensured food safety.

Taibo meat bowl cutter machine is suitable for both vegetable and meat. It can chop and grind meat, vegetable and other materials into paste in a very short time. It features:

1. The machine is made of food grade SUS304 stainless steel, which is durable and easy to clean, conforming to food safety standards.

2. Main components are processed by CNC machining center, which ensures high processing precision, stable performance and low noise.

3. SKF bearings imported from Sweden, tandem arrangement of double bearings and great concentricity of cutter shafts all contribute to the stable performance and low noise of the machine.

4. The cutter is made of 9SiCr, which is sharp, durable and stable during high-speed operation.

5. Customized motor conforms to European standard, having stable performance and and strong ability of anti-overload.

6. Speed of the bowl and the cutter, clearance between the cutter and the bowl, material and hardness of the cutter are all scientifically designed, reaching the best combination. Thus finished products are of great fineness, emulsification and elasticity with little heating up and large yield.

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As we can forecast, the production of minced shrimp, one of people’s favorite hot pot food, is gradually becoming more and more efficient with the help of food machinery and equipment.