Mechanization Of Processing Equipment Promotes The Development Of Fresh Clean Vegetables

- Nov 14, 2020-

Mechanization of Processing Equipment Promotes the Development of Fresh Clean Vegetables

In recent years, with the development of economy and the change of people's consumption concept, clean vegetables quietly rise in the market. Clean vegetables are also called fresh disinfected vegetables. They are processed by removing the inedible parts, cutting, washing, disinfection and other processing operations. They are made by vacuum packaging in a sterile environment.

Clean vegetables fresh health, can be directly into the pot cooking, save time and effort, to meet the needs of consumers. Of course, if we want to further scale up the production and processing of clean vegetables, we will need highly automated and high-volume machines to help us. From the processing process of clean vegetables, we can see that clean vegetables processing mainly need these machines, washing machine, peeling machine, cutting machine, sorting machine, grading machine, blanching machine, etc.

Taibo bubble vegetables and fruit washing machine is mainly used for washing leafy vegetables like cabbages, Chinese chives, spinach etc., stem vegetables like carrots, celeries etc. and fruits. Both complete materials and cut up materials can be washed. It can be integrated with ozone generator for sanitation and disinfection. It features:

🔹High-pressure bubbles wash materials like handwashing, thoroughly and causing no damage to materials.

🔹Spraying valves above the pool can clean materials from top to bottom.

🔹Spraying valves at the lifting part can be connected to the tap water for secondary cleaning of materials.             

🔹Washed materials are automatically lifted and conveyed to the next process or container.

🔹You can control the speed freely by the frequency converter.

🔹Customization is welcomed.