Mechanization Of Bakery Industry Challenges Automatic Production Line

- Jun 04, 2020-

Mechanization of Bakery Industry Challenges Automatic Production Line

    Recently, with people’s increasing consumption level, baked products such as bread have become more and more popular. Bakeries can be found everywhere and there are many kinds of bread. Bread is usually made from wheat flour and yeast with an appropriate amount of additives. In the past, it took skilled bakers to run a bakery. But now, with the continuous development of food machinery, bread industry has entered the era of mechanization.

    In the industrial production of bread, the equipment needed includes a dough mixer, a dough press, a molding machine, an awaking (fermentation) box, a baking machine, a cooling line, a slicer, a packaging machine and so on. Automated bread production lines are controlled by computer systems that automatically measure and mix the required raw materials accurately, ensuring equal quality of each loaf. And the bread quality can be highly consistent under the same mold, the same fermentation and baking conditions.

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