Mechanical Processing Equipment Of Food Industry

- May 26, 2020-

Mechanical Processing Equipment of Food Industry

                                 -Classification of food processing equipment(3)


Today, let’s move on to the next part of classification of food processing equipment, that is, mechanical processing equipment.

Mechanical processing operations are employed (without the application of heat or chemicals) to reduce, enlarge, homogenize, or otherwise change the physical form of solid, semi-solid, and liquid food matter. By altering the form and size of the food matter, manufacturers can facilitate and increase the efficiency and effectiveness of subsequent processes, improve the overall quality and edibility, and allow for a greater range of food products to be produced.

Within the general mechanical processing classifications—i.e., size reduction, size enlargement, homogenization—there are numerous unit operations, such as cutting, forming, and grinding/crushing, which fall below them. Table 2 below describes the overarching classifications and outlines some of their more specific unit operations and the equipment used to execute them.

👉 Preparation

●Cleaning    ●Peeling/Skinning    ●Grading and sorting

👉Mechanical processing

Size Reduction: Reduces the average particle size of solid food matter through mechanical processes involving compression, shear, or impact force.

What we have:

①Big frozen meat and fresh meat grinding machine,meat grinder and sausage maker

②Frozen chicken meat processing machine for slicing before chopping and grinding 

③Electric Industrial Meat Grinder Machine Price

④Advanced Automatic Potato Chips Slicing Machine/Potato Chips Cutting Machine Price

⑤1-2ton per hour Onion Ring Cutter,Onion Slicer,Onion Cutting Machine

Size Enlargement: Increases the average particle size of solid food matter through mechanical processes, such as extrusion, agglomeration, or forming.

What we have:

①200L beef sausage fish Vacuum Meat Tumbler Machine

②500L SUS304 Vacuum Meat Tumbling Machine Direct Factory Price

③ High output SUS304 Vacuum Meat Tumbler Machine Direct Factory Price

④ Chicken Fish Beef Vacuum Meat Tumbling Machine with Factory Price

👉 Heat processing




In the next post, we will explore the rest of mechanical processing equipment and other food processing machines available now, and provide examples of each. Keep following us and get ready for your big success in food industry.