Mechanical Innovation Improves Quality Of Dried Food And Drying Technology

- Jul 07, 2020-

Mechanical Innovation Improves Quality of Dried Food and Drying Technology

It has been a common knowledge from ancient times that spoiled food is inedible. In order to prevent food spoilage and prolong its shelf life, ancient people also discovered many ways to preserve food, which are still used today. Among them, drying is a more common way of food preservation. At present, the way of drying also changed from wind and sun to mechanical drying.

At present, hot air drying equipment is still one of the mainstream drying equipment in the market.Hot air drying, also known as hot air drying, is the use of heated air to dry food. The equipment can provide clean hot air to avoid food contamination. The hot air temperature can be adjusted according to the drying requirements. The temperature range can be set automatically. Its heat source control methods are also very rich, including air energy heat pump control, electric heating control, coal heating, steam heating control.

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Compared with the traditional natural drying, the hot air drying equipment has high drying speed and high yield.But at the same time, the hot air drying equipment also has the problem of high temperature and high energy consumption.Too high temperature will damage the color, aroma and nutrients of food, while high energy consumption will make the production cost unable to be effectively reduced.Therefore, hot air drying technology still has a large space for development.In order to avoid these two problems, other new drying techniques are also used in production.

Drying has a long history of preserving foods, extending their shelf life and giving them a different flavor. Until now, industrial development has mechanized drying.Hot air drying equipment, microwave drying equipment, vacuum freeze drying equipment has been applied in the industry, for the dry food industry into a strong momentum of development.