Long Storage Time Of Chicken Feet With Pickled Pepper Is Due To Irradiation

- Dec 25, 2020-

Long Storage Time of Chicken Feet with Pickled Pepper Is Due to Irradiation

In the snack food segment, the market size of pickled chicken feet has maintained a rapid growth trend in recent years. At the same time, many consumers are also worried about the food safety of pickled pepper chicken feet radiation sterilization. In fact, consumers don't need to talk about "radiation" discoloration. The chicken feet with pickled peppers are irradiated for sterilization, which is efficient, safe, and of good quality. It is storage-resistant and has a long shelf life.

According to the author's understanding, the industrialized production of pickled chicken feet is mainly processed through cleaning, pre-cooking, draining, dipping, packaging, and sterilization. Big companys use automatic machines like airbubble wasching machine, meat cutting machine, vacuum meat tumbler tumbling machine, meat bowl chopper machine, blanching machine, centrifugal drying machine, etc. for large-scale production. Among them, sterilization generally uses irradiation sterilization. The principle of irradiation sterilization is similar to "sun exposure." The bagged pickled chicken feet are sealed and vacuum-packaged, without unpacking and no direct contact with the radiation source, so the product will not produce residues during the irradiation sterilization process. An efficient, safe and green sterilization technology.

Nowadays, there are many snack food companies in the field of pickled pepper and chicken feet. In the era of Internet and consumption upgrades, and today when food quality and safety have attracted much attention, relevant food companies must accurately grasp the needs of young consumer groups, accelerate product research and development, iteration capabilities and brand appeal, while also performing irradiation sterilization processes.