Is It Possible For Stainless Steel To Rust?

- Dec 29, 2020-

 Is it possible for stainless steel to rust?

Customers choose mesh belts made of stainless steel for its anti-corrosion, thinking they’ll never rust. Therefore, customers may find it surprising when they see rust stains on the surface of stainless steel. In fact, this shows customers’ lack of stainless steel knowledge.

Stainless steel under certain conditions will rust like iron. However, stainless steel chain plate has the ability to resist atmospheric oxidation, but also has the ability to resist corrosion in the medium containing acid, alkali, salt.

However, the corrosion resistance of the steel varies with its chemical composition, mutual state, service conditions and the type of environmental media.

As a professional manufacturer of industrial food processing machinery, we uses SUS304 stainless steel to build most of our machines like air bubble washing machine, brush roller peeling machine, vegetable and fruit cutting machine, meat bowl chopper, hot air drying machine for meat, vegetable, fruit, sausage, etc. Our machines have long service life and high durability, being especially suitable for humid environment like food processing plants, kitchens, etc. 


Therefore, not any kind of stainless steel chain plate in any environment will be able to resist corrosion without rust.

Stainless steel chain plate is formed by the surface of a very thin and solid and fine stable rich chromium oxide film, prevent oxygen atoms continue to infiltrate, continue to oxidize, and obtain the ability to resist corrosion.

If for some reason, the film is constantly damaged, oxygen atoms in the air or liquid will constantly infiltrate or iron atoms in the metal will constantly separate out, forming loose iron oxide, and the metal surface will constantly be corroded.

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