Industrial Production Of Zongzi Needs Growing Together With Industrial Equipment

- Dec 17, 2020-

Industrial Production of Zongzi Needs Growing Together With Industrial Equipment

Zongzi is a traditional Chinese food. It is understood that the staff of the zongzi factory need to clean millions of zongzi leaves and cut dozens of tons of pork a day to make millions of zongzi. Some staff introduced that the seemingly simple zongzi, its production process is not simple. The production of zongzi includes more than 30 processes, such as leaf cleaning, rice washing, meat cutting, stuffing, zongzi wrapping, steaming, weighing and packaging.

In order to achieve large-scale production, zongzi processing enterprises need to introduce zongzi leaf cleaning machine,  washing machine, cutting machine, vacuum meat tumbling machine, stuffing mixing machine, color sorting machine, meat cutting machine, stuffing machine, quantitative filling equipment, steamer, vacuum packaging machine, etc., which greatly improves the production efficiency of zongzi, reduces the pollution caused by excessive manual operation, so as to better ensure the quality and safety of zongzi.

However, at present, many zongzi processing enterprises have realized mechanical operation in the process of wrapping zongzi, which greatly improves the efficiency of manual dumpling wrapping. Only quantitative filling saves 30% of labor, and also saves certain labor costs for enterprises.

To sum up, in order to promote the mechanization and automation of zongzi production, especially in the process of wrapping and binding, the food equipment manufacturing industry should simulate the principle of manually wrapping zongzi according to the characteristics of manual wrapping and binding, and develop the wrapping machinery that meets the production process. It is believed that from hand wrapped to machine wrapped, this is also the expectation of the whole zongzi industry. We hope that food machinery and equipment manufacturing enterprises can speed up research and development and contribute their own strength.

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