Industrial Automatic Bakery Equipment Improves The Efficiency Of Bread Production

- Feb 04, 2021-

Industrial Automatic Bakery Equipment Improves the Efficiency of Bread Production 

Bread food is a staple food in many countries. According to research, the production process of bread food consists mainly of the following steps:

The first is to prepare raw materials and accessories, bread basic raw materials are flour, yeast, salt and water, the rest is auxiliary raw materials.

The process of bread is divided into one fermentation method, secondary fermentation method, rapid fermentation method, liquid fermentation method, continuous stirring method and frozen dough method, although the modern bread production process is many, but they are developed on the basis of traditional fermentation. The usual process at home and abroad basically includes modulation of dough, fermentation, split round, intermediate wake-up, plastic surgery, into the plate, and finally wake-up, baking, cooling, packaging.

For different fermentation methods and express methods, there are different feeding sequences in the seasoning dough. Basically, water, sugar, eggs, bread additives are fully stirred in the blender before adding flour. The dough is maturing as a sign of smooth surface, delicate internal structure, hand pull can be translucent film.


Most large-scale bread mills choose to use machines to stir. The mixer is divided into planetary mixer and spiral mixer.

Taibo spiral dough mixer features:

Thickened metal machine body is durable and stable. It doesn't shake while mixing.

Spiral hook and the bowl rotating at the same time double the mixing efficiency and effect.

Copper wire motor of high performance and strong drive can rotate at high speed and has long service life.

Good enough to be examined under magnification.

Automatic bread dough mixer, dough divider, dough rounder and baking machine are all essential to bakery industry. If you are interested in these machines, please feel free to contact us. 

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