Indispensable Ice Products Benefit From The Booming Cold Chain Logistics Market

- Jul 10, 2020-

Indispensable Ice Products Benefit from the Booming Cold Chain Logistics Market

At this time, ice-cold food is more popular with consumers, such as ice cream, pasteurized milk, and low-temperature juice. These foods generally need to be kept in a refrigerated or frozen environment to maintain the taste, otherwise they will deteriorate. The development of these refrigerated and frozen food markets is closely related to the development of cold chain logistics.


Cold chain logistics refers to the storage, production, transportation, and sale of food at prescribed low temperatures to achieve the purpose of maintaining product quality, reducing food safety risks, and improving distribution efficiency. In recent years, with the rise of new economic models such as e-commerce, cold chain logistics has ushered in a golden opportunity period.


However, although the scale of domestic cold chain logistics continues to expand, there are still some shortcomings that need to be completed. These include lagging infrastructure construction and unreasonable layout; the application of specialized, automated, standardized, and intelligent cold chain facilities and advanced technology is not high, and the traditional operation mode is more common; the cold chain logistics industry is less concentrated and enterprises The characteristics of "small, small and weak" are obvious, and cannot meet the circulation and demand of refrigerated frozen food.


Relevant enterprises must not only speed up the construction of facilities, but also plan and optimize related facilities so that the cold chain logistics infrastructure continues to operate in a healthy manner without the occurrence of "idle warehouses" and "idle cabinets". Secondly, it is necessary to upgrade the level of automation and intelligence of cold chain logistics.


A report pointed out that the world's cold chain demand for commodities is also increasing. For now, there is a lot of room for integration and technological improvement in the cold chain market worldwide. In this regard, domestic cold chain logistics enterprises should pay close attention to aspects of infrastructure scale and layout, intelligent technology application, etc., complement the development shortcomings, and promote the high-quality development of the industry.