How To Use The Vegetable Cutting Machine Safely

- Aug 17, 2018-

With the development of society, the vegetable cutter has gradually come into our life, but for this large kitchen utensils and equipment we are not very clear, then how to run the vegetable cutter well, about the use of improper use of the vegetable cutter caused by accidents everywhere, the following, to introduce you the safe use of the vegetable cutter instructions, I hope It is helpful for Taizhou company to register.

1. Trial-cutting before work to observe whether the specifications of the cut vegetables are consistent with the required specifications. Otherwise, the thickness of the slices or the length of the cut vegetables should be adjusted to meet the requirements and then normal work should be carried out.

2. Installation of vertical knife 1. Intelligent vegetable cutter installation vertical knife: the vertical knife on the fixed knife plate, edge and the lower end of the fixed knife plate parallel contact, fixed knife plate pin on the knife holder, tighten the knife nut, remove the fixed knife plate can be. (2) Installation of vertical knife on other vegetable cutters: first rotate the adjustable eccentric wheel to make the cutter stand run to the lower dead point, then registered by Taizhou Company to raise the cutter stand up by 1/2 mm, so that the vertical knife and conveyor belt contact, fastening nut to fasten the vertical knife on the cutter stand. Description: elevated lifting height can be mastered according to the cut vegetables. If the elevated height is small, vegetables may be knifed, if the elevated height is too high, it is possible to cut the conveyor belt.

3. Cut Vegetable Length Adjustment: Observe whether the registered value of Taizhou Company on the control panel matches the required length, press the increase button when increasing the length, and press the decrease button when reducing the length. Adjustment of other vegetable cutting machine: rotate adjustable eccentric wheel, loosen connecting rod fastening screw, slice thin wire movable fulcrum, from outside to inside; slice thick wire movable fulcrum, from inside to outside, tighten adjustment screw after adjustment.