How To Guarantee The Safety Of Wild Fungus

- Jul 23, 2020-

How to Guarantee the Safety of Wild Fungus

Now is a good time to eat mushrooms and taste freshness. Wild fungus began to appear in large numbers. Wild mushrooms are increasingly favored by the market because of their rich nutrition and green and pollution-free. But recently, a place reported a number of wild mushrooms food safety incidents, sounded the "tip of the tongue alarm". So, how to protect the people from poisonous wild fungus while eating healthy and delicious wild mushroom dishes?

With the increasing improvement of living standards and the gradual enhancement of the awareness of healthy diet, people pay more and more attention to the relationship between diet and health. Wild food, which is considered as pollution-free green food, is welcomed by the market, such as wild edible fungi. Wild fungus is a unique wild edible fungus in a certain province. Due to its special topography and climate conditions, wild fungus resources are abundant. There are about 250 kinds of wild fungus, which are widely distributed and have a high yield.

 According to statistics, common wild fungus has hundreds of, but only 30 to 40 kinds of the edible wild fungus, which to a certain extent, increased the difficulty of the edible wild fungus. People fail to recognize them and thus leading to inevitable food safety problems.

With the wide variety of wild mushrooms, professional personnel and technologies are needed to accurately identify. This requires professional appraisal method, combining with the microscope and molecular biology, and through the liquid mass combination instrument, the highly effective liquid phase color spectrometer, tandem mass spectrometry, and other advanced wild fungus testing instrument for testing criterion, the operation is simple, rapid, high sensitivity, the quantitative detection of linear range can satisfy the actual change of wild fungus toxin content in the samples, etc. Nowadays, great progress has been made in food detection technology and equipment in the world. Detection technology and equipment tend to be rapid, portable and precise, and modern detection technology and means such as molecular and biosensor provide technical support for wild mushrooms detection.