How Does The Spiral Dough Mixer Work?

- Jan 07, 2021-

How Does the Spiral Dough Mixer Work?

Working principle of dough mixer: the unique structure makes it easier to replace seals and bearings. The flour mixing process is mixed under vacuum and negative pressure, so that the protein in the flour can absorb the moisture in the shortest time and the best gluten network can be formed. The dough is smooth, and the toughness and bite strength of the dough can reach the best state. The dough is slightly yellow and half transparent after boiling. And the Taibo spiral planetary dough mixer is suitable for making dough of high water content.  

The characteristics of the dough mixer: the dough mixer has the advantages of simple structure, compact, convenient operation, no need for complex maintenance, long service life, etc.

Face bucket, made of stainless steel material and special surface treatment, professional flour mixing machine absolutely meet the health standards.

Installation and commissioning of dough mixer: the four legs of the machine should be flat to reduce vibration of the multifunctional dough mixer;


At the bottom of the frame equipotential wiring terminal is connected to the ground wire, in order to prevent the risk of leakage.

Check whether the fasteners are loose, check whether the power cord switch is in good condition. Add proper amount of oil to the gear.

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