Healthy Candied Fruit Industry Derives Vigor From The Drying Equipment

- Sep 29, 2020-

Healthy Candied Fruit Industry Derives Vigor From The Drying Equipment

With the gradual increase of people's awareness of healthy diet, people have higher and higher requirements on the leisure food they often eat after meals, such as dried candied fruit. People not only require delicious, but also pay more attention to its health, nutrition and safety.Candied fruit is becoming healthy and high-end.

Candied fruit mainly refers to through the selection of fruit, wash, soak, boil, and then by sugar or honey or salt pickle (or not pickle) and other technology made of food, such as preserved green plum, dried tangerine plum, plum, hawthorn, fruit danpi, etc. And the fruit is dried by a variety of fruits after drying, drying or freeze-dried, moisture within 12%, for direct consumption and production of candied fruit.Candied fruit has been popular in the market because of its unique flavor, sweet and sour taste.

Taibo machine have been focused on candied fruit production for years. We have developed air bubble washing machine, brush-roller peeling machine, cutting machine and many other machines that are suitable for candied fruit processing. Toady, I’ll introduce the air bubble washing machine for you, which is the hottest product among our diverse machines. Taibo air bubble washing machine features:

Scientific and practical overflow outlet, arc-shaped impurity removing system and independent circulating tank can effectively remove impurities.
Frame covered with hook-and-loop straps is convenient to dismantle and effective to remove hairs and impurities.
The tensioning device is reinstalled at the discharging outlet to prevent fasteners of 201 stainless steel from rusting.(304 stainless steel cannot be used in tensioning device for its inadequate hardness.)                 

Chain covers are now fixed with brackets and fasteners, which are easy to dismantle, clean and replace.

Independent electronic control box for easy installation and adjustment
The whole machineincluding the shell, frame and mesh belt, is completely made of SUS304 stainless steel, which is anti-corrosion and durablemeeting international standards of food industry.


The snack processing enterprises, such as candied fruit, will expand their products from flavor and taste to nutrition, health, safety and other contents that consumers pay more attention to, which will also inject more consumption vitality into the traditional food industry of candied fruit.